A Marketing Force
For more than 30 years my passion has been solving my client's business and marketing problems. And I've solved thousands. To accomplish this, I've become an expert in all aspects of the marketing and advertising industries, and I bring this experience to every client and apply it to every project… So chances are, I've already solved your problem.

The staffing issues you have been throwing money into for longer than you should; the social media minefield, and figuring out how to make it really work for you; who to hire to actually do the right work the right way; the mediocre opportunities you're trying, the good opportunities you're missing; and a few more problems you didn't you know you had.

But perhaps your biggest problem is that I've already solved those problems for someone else… not for you.
Someone once said: "Practice makes perfect", but that's dead wrong. Perfect practice makes perfect. Everything else is just getting better at making the same mistakes. Unfortunately, effective marketing is not easy, and the new and constantly evolving landscape of interactive marketing makes it that much more difficult.

You want results. You need maximum return on your investment, but for many business owners, assessing their own marketing efforts, vendors and staff is like asking a forger to authenticate their own work. Sure it looks good on the surface, but in reality it just isn't worth anything.

My company, A Marketing Force, has the knowledge and experience to propel your brand beyond expectations; thorough understanding of both traditional media, and the web and social media to drive you forward; an expansive vendor population to bring you the right tools for the right task; and the acumen to integrate all opportunities to improve your bottom line.
You don't know me, but there is a good chance I can make your business stronger and more profitable in 2013.

It costs nothing to talk to me. Wonder how much it could cost you if you don't?

Chief Business Builder